About Me

Kushal Pandya I’m Kushal Pandya, I’m a Frontend Engineer currently living in Pune. I’ve been developing for web (and writing JavaScript) for over 6 years. I’m currently working remotely at GitLab as Senior Frontend Engineer where I’m also a maintainer of GitLab source. Prior to GitLab, I worked at Saba for close to 4 years designing enterprise webapps on Learning (LMS), Talent and Certification domains. Here’s my CV in case you want to know more about my professional background.

When I’m not writing code, I’m mostly playing games on PS4 :video_game: (PSN: kushalpandya), or exploring Linux distros (currently using Ubuntu, but equally love KDE Neon), playing around with custom ROMs for Android, watching gadgets on YouTube, (rarely) playing acoustic guitar, watching movies, and some times going for a short road trip to a hill nearby. I also take a lot of pictures :camera: of places I visit, which I periodically post of Flickr & Instagram.

My Workspace

Kushal Pandya's Desk

My workspace involves 2 traditional computers (2017 MacBook Pro 15” & a Desktop running Ubuntu & Windows 10), as well as an iPad Air 2 (2014). I use mostly MacBook for my day job but I personally prefer using Linux (be it Ubuntu or any other distro). My text editor of choice is VS Code although I used (and loved) Sublime Text back in the day until they slowed down its development and Atom & VS Code came up to take the lead.

Projects I’m Currently Working On

I have spent most part of September and October 2019 working on rewrite of this website (a blog post is coming soon on how I did it). I’m also working on a home server monitoring webapp (similar to NetData but something more trivial that fits my needs) but it is too soon before I have anyting to share about it. Apart from personal open source projects, I’ve worked on some of the propreitary side projects as well (details available in Projects section of this site).

Technologies I’ve Worked On

In my frontend career, I’ve worked on pretty much every popular frontend technology, all the way from ExtJS to Knockout, Angular, React, Ember, and Vue. My favorite by far is Vue (for obvious reasons) so apart from working on Vue (and Vuex as well as GraphQL at times) in my day job, I also use Vue a lot on my personal projects. As for site, I’m not using Vue, instead I relied on Jekyll which is perfect for what I wanted to do with this site.


I did my post-graduation in Information Technology from DA-IICT where I was part of 2011 batch, and I did my graduation, again in Information Technology, from Saurashtra University, 2008 batch.

Contact Me

I’m open to collaboration on projects if you have one and would love to learn more about it! Fastest way to get in touch with me to would be to reach out to me on Twitter, while I’m also available on other social platforms (as linked on the :point_left: left in navigation).