Flexbox Responsive List December 08, 2018
Flexbox Responsive List

A PoC of creating responsive list view with list items containing metadata which gets reordered and styles are updated depending on available page width. This was originally created to develop a GitLab feature and make it easier to quickly test the UX without having to run entire GitLab instance, see original GitLab Issue.

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Spinbox January 22, 2016

A loading animation I came across on bestwebsite.gallery, made using CSS3 keyframe animations.

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Mail Input Autocomplete January 13, 2016
Mail Input Autocomplete

Mail address input box (similar to Gmail/Outlook) with autocomplete and raw mail address input support. In short, it works exactly like Gmail’s To, CC, and BCC fields.

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Jumpy Pillars December 23, 2015
Jumpy Pillars

CSS3 Keyframe animation called “Jumpy Pillars” which can be used for your page loaders.

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Styled Input Placeholder December 22, 2015
Styled Input Placeholder

HTML5-ish Input Placeholder that works IE8+ and can be styled by CSS. It uses pseudo element to render placeholder (with HTML5 fallback) and styles are applied on pseudo element itself.

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Step-bar December 01, 2015

A multi-step progress-bar called “Step-bar” that can be updated just by changing element attributes, using SASS.

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CSS Breadcrumbs October 17, 2013
CSS Breadcrumbs

Navigation breadcrumbs with clickable crumb items.

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Mr. Border-Radius August 31, 2013
Mr. Border-Radius

A fictional happy face inspired from Lea Verou’s CSSConf 2013 presentation Though it is not a perfect replica, but it is cuter. Original presentation slides available here.

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CSS Filters August 22, 2013
CSS Filters

A CSS filters demo showing how image colors can be manipulated purely using CSS. Social icons on-hover grayscale effect with CSS3 filters applied and with no filter applied.

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The Dark Knight July 05, 2013
The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight logo with all-CSS circles and edges.

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Animated Windows 8 Logo April 02, 2013
Animated Windows 8 Logo

A CSS3 animated Windows 8 logo, using CSS3’s @keyframes animation with transform and perspective properties.

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Threaded Chat January 23, 2013
Threaded Chat

A Chat View design made purely in CSS, can be adopted for any chatting service for the web (recently WhatsApp for Web adopted similar design).

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Retro Radio July 11, 2012
Retro Radio

A Retro Radio created using only CSS, a simple 2 hour experiment to know CodePen’s demonstration abilities.

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