Analyst 2.0

November 03, 2013

Analyst 2.0 is a complete rewrite of original Analyst Windows app.

Analyst 2.0 Splash

Second major release of Analyst is entirely rewritten in C#.NET 4.0 and thus overcomes most limitations that first version faced.


Analyst 2.0 aims to solve the same problem of Diesel Engine assessment and calculation, but it does that much more efficiently as while creating version 2.0, I had strong foundation of original version. Using C#.NET instead of VB made it possible to have application design to be complete Object-oriented.

With version 2.0, Analyst now supports complete graph generation within reports using FlotCharts.js (a demanded feature by my client, Parshva Diesels Pvt. Ltd.), also on the database front, Analyst uses SQLite for .NET instead of Oracle for constant tables as well as report saving. Other major features include; automatic background report saving, user-configurable report layout (by editing HTML template of report), batch printing of reports, and charts.