October 07, 2019

A marketing site for Datamorphosis, a Data Science start-up with offices in Pune (India), Bruges (Belgium), and San Francisco (US).

Datamorphosis Logo


This project came up as a requirement from a common friend who is associated with Datamorphosis and wanted to redesign their marketing site with a modern look and something that’s easy to maintain and update as more content is added. Their original site was built using plain HTML and CSS which was getting hard to maintain and the look & feel itself was getting outdated.

I rebuilt their site using Jekyll while I derived the design of the site from HTML5UP and updated it to work easily with Jekyll while ensuring that adding/removing contents doesn’t require much of a technical knowledge. The project itself completed in 4 days and I used Netlify to set up continuous deployment of the site while keeping the repository private on GitHub, such that site can be updated with a simple commit push.

Project Homepage