JSONify - A jQuery Plugin

August 04, 2012

JSONify is a minimal (only 437 bytes!) HTML-form to JSON to HTML-form converting plugin for jQuery.

JSONify Transformation

It creates JSON string from the name-and-value pair of form fields, and can perform JSON to form initialization. Over the last couple of years, since creation of JSON, web applications and sites primarily use JSON as a preferred data format for any type of data exchange that occurs between web browser and web server. JSONify is one such utility that can convert any valid HTML form into a JSON object with key name same as field of form, and its value as value of field within that form.


JSONify leverages jQuery’s serializeArray() method, performs some pre/post processing on form data, and converts it into a JSON object. It provides two public methods; $.jsonify() and $.dejsonify() which can be used to convert HTML form data into JSON and then initialize JSON back into form fields respectively.

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